Final Table

July 15, 2010

Starts tomorrow at 5pm est. I have 25bbs… Wish me luck! I am so fuckin tired from sitting down all down .. Who woulda dunk it

16 left

July 15, 2010

Play has gotten pretty tight at my table currently I am sitting on like 90bbs .. We are playing down to 9

Venetian Day 3

July 14, 2010

I have avg stack w 35 left wish me luck play just resumed.

Venetian 5k Main Event

July 14, 2010

Deep in day2…77 left double chip avg updates to come …

Main Event Day 1c

July 9, 2010

Well it looks like I used up all my run good juice in the event before the main. I don’t recall winning one pot the whole day. After I got sucked out on for my first big pot I was trying to stay positive but the poker gods had it out for me. I then proceeded to just sit there and watch the fish dump all my chips around the table to the other players. The good news is I still have a couple decent pieces of some of my friends, so I am hoping for a good sweat. Gogogogogo Tom and Riverside!!!
Gl to everyone else still in as well.

Going to be playing the Venetians 5k main event on Monday then it’s back New York. I am super excited to move into NYC next week, but I still have a crapload to do before I move like sell my car!!


Last chance

July 7, 2010

Playing the main event day1c today. This is the real reason thousands and thousands of poker players transcend upon the Rio, so you can expect me to be taking today pretty serious. I’ll continue to post updates, but if I do go deep it’s going to be tiring. Eight days straight of poker to make this final table. Wish me luck

Cake Pokerrrrrr

July 6, 2010

Got a great little blurb written up about me on cake’s website ..

Final Table

July 6, 2010

8th place for 79k … Was a very boring/exciting final table. Boring in a sense of not being able to actually play since the stacks were all so short, and exciting because I was all in pretty often.

Thanks to everyone for the support, I couldn’t have asked for a better rail. I am obviously dissapointed, but it was my fifth wsop event I played this summer and I was fortunate enough to final table. Just upset I wasn’t the chosen one for the day =)

Back to the grinddddddd….
Playing main event day1c on Wednesday, wish me luck!

Weeeee Final Table time!

July 5, 2010

I somehow am 4th in chips with only 25 bigblinds .. what a shallow structure.  meh.  The play is terrible and I really can’t complain.  I got myself in a great spot, and I just need to best a few more people to become “the chosen one” as one of my rooommates refers to it.  =)

See ya at the Rhino hopefully!! Play starts up around 6pm est.

Update on day 3

July 5, 2010

43 left me and Craig are still in .. 500k and 900k at 5k10k blinds

23 left .. Me n Craig r still in… Send us ur lucks plz