5k 6max Tournament

Bleh, I was looking forward to this tournament more then any other one of the series (besides the main event). I couldn’t get anything going. I had a really tough starting table which I was at for the whole day. Got sucked out on pretty hard with jacks for half my chips, then got sucked on out with top pair top kicker against the only weak player at the table. After that I was left with next to no chips and managed to get my money in good but lost a flip 99 < AJ. GG 5k 6max.

I have been playing ALOT of online poker lately. Basically my routine is wake up around 2pm. Reheat the breakfast made by the chef at 11am. Eat. Check e-mail. Go on the pool. Get on my laptop and play poker until all the roommates come home from grinding live tournaments (love you guys). I have to give them credit, especially Josh who has been putting in a ton of volume playing live tournaments. Speaking of Josh, he also has some pictures of the house we are renting on his blog so you should check it out – http://www.pokerismydayjob.com. He is a much better writer then me so def read his blog if you really want to understand the emotional ups and downs which I seem to mask during my daily life.

Back to the drawing board …


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