Event 13: 1k nlhe

Still in.  Survived my first Day1. woohoo. I am so tired.   Deep thinking makes my body feel physically exhausted after 12hrs, does that make sense?  Day 2 starts Monday at 2:30pm and I plan on just giving myself a mental rest until then.  Alot of the guys are planning on playing online tournaments tomorrow at the house so I think it’s a good opportunity for me to absorb a bunch of valuable information from them.

Well thats it for now..


2 Responses to Event 13: 1k nlhe

  1. Brooke says:

    Good Luck in Day 2 Baby 🙂

  2. Mulé says:

    Joe, words cannot describe the pleasure it brings me to know that your one of the elite. Thousands of people, if not more attempt every year to make it into this event and fail. Somehow you make it look easy. Your one of the most talented and intelligent people I know. Im Proud to call you my family. I Wish you the very best, and know that no one deserves this more than you!I Love you bro!

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