Clubs clubs clubs

June 30, 2010

In the past week or so I think I have been to more clubs then I frequent in a years worth of time. But hey, that’s Vegas right? Been having a blast. Brooke is here and my boy Joe was out here last week. We partied at XS, Surrender, Playboy Club, Ghost Bar, LAX and few other spots. The best nights were by far at LAX and Surrender.

Oh yeah, let me talk about poker for a bit even though I am almost pokered out. Although I have lost all 5 of the biggest pots I have played in the cash games I am still doing pretty well on this trip and am booking a mid 5 figure win so far.

Brooke flies home tomorrow and after that I plan on playing out the rest of the series including a 2100 deepstack at the Venetian. I am pretty excited for that especially since 95% of the wsop events aren’t deepstacked. I seem to have most of my tournament success in deepstacked events. Since you start with more chips it benefits the skilled players and allows them to absorb a bad beat and not instantly be out of an event.

The heat is def starting to get to me. The past couple days have been exceptionally hot, like scorching pavement if you dare walk barefoot anywhere outside. Doing the whole GTL thing today minus the G and T =)

Having dinner later tonight with Brooke, my cousin who moved out here from NY and his girlfriend.



5k 6max Tournament

June 19, 2010

Bleh, I was looking forward to this tournament more then any other one of the series (besides the main event). I couldn’t get anything going. I had a really tough starting table which I was at for the whole day. Got sucked out on pretty hard with jacks for half my chips, then got sucked on out with top pair top kicker against the only weak player at the table. After that I was left with next to no chips and managed to get my money in good but lost a flip 99 < AJ. GG 5k 6max.

I have been playing ALOT of online poker lately. Basically my routine is wake up around 2pm. Reheat the breakfast made by the chef at 11am. Eat. Check e-mail. Go on the pool. Get on my laptop and play poker until all the roommates come home from grinding live tournaments (love you guys). I have to give them credit, especially Josh who has been putting in a ton of volume playing live tournaments. Speaking of Josh, he also has some pictures of the house we are renting on his blog so you should check it out – He is a much better writer then me so def read his blog if you really want to understand the emotional ups and downs which I seem to mask during my daily life.

Back to the drawing board …

Let the beat build..

June 14, 2010

Played the 2500 buyin 6max event today, but busted rather quickly. Sometimes I’d rather be card dead at first in these events. I was seeing a ton of great starting hands but just couldn’t connect postflop with them.

Next tournament will probably be a 1500 this week. The trip so far has been great. My friends from NY visited all wk and James is still here. Actually on my way to meet him for lunch right now.

I promise to make my next entry longer, but the cash games have just been really soft and I can’t drag myself away from them.

Day2: Event 13

June 8, 2010

Busted. 318th. I got myself in a great spot to have about chip average stack with about 8% of the field left. The only positive was that I just made it in the money. Next tournament seems to be on Friday.

Alot of my friends are visiting Vegas so I’ll be slacking on the updates this week.

Find the Kitty

June 6, 2010

Scout wasn’t happy with me not packing him in my luggage.

Event 13: 1k nlhe

June 6, 2010

Still in.  Survived my first Day1. woohoo. I am so tired.   Deep thinking makes my body feel physically exhausted after 12hrs, does that make sense?  Day 2 starts Monday at 2:30pm and I plan on just giving myself a mental rest until then.  Alot of the guys are planning on playing online tournaments tomorrow at the house so I think it’s a good opportunity for me to absorb a bunch of valuable information from them.

Well thats it for now..

I wanna be a billionaire..

June 2, 2010

Im here. Finally.

Half the roomies got here last night and the other half will be arriving later today. The house is beautiful, just shy of 10k sq ft. The only thing I need now is my car which will be arriving in a few days (hopefully).

I plan on playing my first tournament either Friday or Saturday.

Stay tuned for more

– Joe